Uso de SimpleXML con Android y Gradle

Tengo problemas para intentar compilar una aplicación de Android con Gradle 0.5. + Y Android Studio, usando SimpleXML.

Este es el error:

Gradle: Execution failed for task ':MyApplication:dexDebug'. > Failed to run command: /Applications/Android --dex --output <REALLY_LONG_STRING.....> Error Code: 1 Output: trouble processing "javax/xml/stream/events/StartElement.class": Ill-advised or mistaken usage of a core class (java.* or javax.*) when not building a core library. This is often due to inadvertently including a core library file in your application's project, when using an IDE (such as Eclipse). If you are sure you're not intentionally defining a core class, then this is the most likely explanation of what's going on. However, you might actually be trying to define a class in a core namespace, the source of which you may have taken, for example, from a non-Android virtual machine project. This will most assuredly not work. At a minimum, it jeopardizes the compatibility of your app with future versions of the platform. It is also often of questionable legality. If you really intend to build a core library -- which is only appropriate as part of creating a full virtual machine distribution, as opposed to compiling an application -- then use the "--core-library" option to suppress this error message. If you go ahead and use "--core-library" but are in fact building an application, then be forewarned that your application will still fail to build or run, at some point. Please be prepared for angry customers who find, for example, that your application ceases to function once they upgrade their operating system. You will be to blame for this problem. If you are legitimately using some code that happens to be in a core package, then the easiest safe alternative you have is to repackage that code. That is, move the classes in question into your own package namespace. This means that they will never be in conflict with core system classes. JarJar is a tool that may help you in this endeavor. If you find that you cannot do this, then that is an indication that the path you are on will ultimately lead to pain, suffering, grief, and lamentation. 1 error; aborting 

Build.gradle está configurado de la siguiente manera:

 dependencies { [...] compile 'org.simpleframework:simple-xml:2.7.+' } repositories { [...] mavenCentral() } 

¿Como puedó resolver esté problema?

EDIT El problema no está presente si instalo Simple-XML directamente como un Jar dentro de libs / – por supuesto, una solución de maven sería más limpia.

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También es necesario excluir stax-api.

 compile('org.simpleframework:simple-xml:2.7.+'){ exclude module: 'stax' exclude module: 'stax-api' exclude module: 'xpp3' } 

Pruebe esto si la solución anterior no funciona:

 configurations { compile.exclude module: 'stax' compile.exclude module: 'stax-api' compile.exclude module: 'xpp3' } dependencies { [...] compile 'org.simpleframework:simple-xml:2.7.+' } repositories { [...] mavenCentral() } 

Creo que necesitas excluir algunas de las dependencias.

 compile('org.simpleframework:simple-xml:2.7.+'){ exclude module: 'stax' exclude module: 'xpp3' } 

Estoy recibiendo el mismo error mientras uso SimpleFramework. En realidad lo resolví agregando estas líneas en build.gradle:

 compile('org.simpleframework:simple-xml:2.7.1') { exclude group: 'stax', module: 'stax-api' exclude group: 'xpp3', module: 'xpp3'<br> } 
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