Error android ndk-build

Estoy intentando construir tesseract para android. He puesto tesseract en la carpeta de muestras como

C:\Android_NDK\android-ndk-r8\samples\tesseract con la carpeta tesseract Tengo la carpeta tesseract-3.00 , la carpeta leptonlib-1.66 y la carpeta libjpeg . Siempre que intento construir el código usando ndk-build. Consigo error como

C:/Android_NDK/android-ndk-r8/build/core/ *** target pattern contains no '%'. Stop.

Utilizo ndk-build como esto en el C:\Android_NDK\android-ndk-r8\samples\tesseract\jni>C:\Android_NDK\android-ndk-r8/ndk-build

Contenido del archivo en la carpeta tesseract / jni
# ARMv7 is significanly faster due to the use of the hardware FPU
APP_STL := gnustl_static
APP_ABI := armeabi armeabi-v7a
APP_OPTIM := release
APP_CPPFLAGS += -fexceptions -frtti file contents in tesseract/jni folder # NOTE: You must set these variables to their respective source paths before # compiling. For example, set LEPTONICA_PATH to the directory containing # the Leptonica configure file and source folders. Directories must be # root-relative, eg TESSERACT_PATH := /home/username/tesseract-3.00 # # To set the variables, you can run the following shell commands: # export TESSERACT_PATH=<path-to-tesseract> # export LEPTONICA_PATH=<path-to-leptonica> # export LIBJPEG_PATH=<path-to-libjpeg> # # Or you can fill out and uncomment the following definitions: # TESSERACT_PATH := <path-to-tesseract> # LEPTONICA_PATH := <path-to-leptonica> # LIBJPEG_PATH := <path-to-libjpeg> ifeq "$(TESSERACT_PATH)" "" $(error You must set the TESSERACT_PATH variable to the Tesseract source \ directory. See README and jni/ for details) endif ifeq "$(LEPTONICA_PATH)" "" $(error You must set the LEPTONICA_PATH variable to the Leptonica source \ directory. See README and jni/ for details) endif ifeq "$(LIBJPEG_PATH)" "" $(error You must set the LIBJPEG_PATH variable to the Android JPEG \ source directory. See README and jni/ for details) endif # Just build the files in the subdirs include $(call all-subdir-makefiles) $(LIBJPEG_PATH)/ 

Probado con Cygwin pero el mismo problema.

Esperamos su respuesta.


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